Driving License Requirements and Documents:

- Full driving licence, not provisional are accepted

- Driving licence must be in english

- Driver must be between 25 to 75 years of age with minimum 3 years of holding a driving licence if under the age of 25

- To be able to rent you will need to provide ID and Driving licence

Mileage and Fuel:

- Unlimited mileage allowance

- Car will be rent out with full tank and needs to return with a full tank, missing fuel will be estimated charged extra

- Fuel type depending on car type. Information will be given on the pick-up day.

Extra Equipment:

- Included for free if needed. We can provide carseat, mobile holder and universal phone charger

  • You can request bike-rack but this is charged extra

  • We can provide a WI-FI Device but you will need to purchase your own SIM card with 4G allowance 

  • Almost all cars in our fleet have Bluetooth connectivity 

- There is a navigator that can be provided upon request 

* For more information please contact us


- We only accept Euro as payment currency

- You can pay in cash, card or Online for payments and deposits

- Cards we accept are: Visa, Mastercard, Debit card, Credit card, AMEX, Apple pay and Google pay etc

- You can pay for your rental before-hand or at the pick-up

Police Control - Turkish Occupied Area:

- Yes, it is possible to pass on the Turkish occupied area

- Insurances we offer do NOT cover and is not valid in Turkish occupied area

- In case of Break down, accidents and emergencies  we will not be able to assist you

- You will need to purchase a separated insurance at the police control to be able to cross

- You will be responsible for any damages and for returning the car on south part of the island

- Double check what insurance they offer as most times are 3rd party, choose one that fits your needs

Booking & Changes:

- You can make any changes on your rental agreement such us and not limited to: 

Cancel before pickup with full refund or voucher

Downgrade or upgrade depending on availability (extra charges may apply)

Change pick up and/or return location (extra charges may apply)

Extend or reduce rental (extra charges may apply)

Add or remove extra driver (extra charges may apply)

Add or remove extra Insurance (extra charges may apply)

Add or remove extra equipment (extra charges may apply)

* For more information please visit our T&C page or contact us

After Rental - Excess & Deposit: 

- In case if you lose an item do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to assist

- Once the car rental agreement is over we will release the excess 

Usually it takes up to 7 working days to receive the amount back and that's depending entirely on your payment provider (Bank)

(In case of accidents or damages if the amount is taken from the excess amount, then it could take up to 30 days depending entirely on your payment provider

  • If your excess/ deposit is paid in cash then as soon as your rental ends this will be given to you immediately 

* For more information please visit our T&C page or contact us

Break down & Accidents:

  • In case of emergencies, accidents or breakdowns we have a dedicated 24/7 department that will be there to assist you as first priority

- Call us immediately and we will assist

* For more information please contact us


- Reservation price includes CDW (full insurance with excess amount) which is also the deposit and the amount depends on the car group.This needs to be paid separately

- We offer SCDW which reduces the excess amount by 60%, the price is again based on length of rental and car group. This needs to be paid separately

- We offer another insurance (W&T) which the price is based on length and car group but covers only the Windshield and/or Tyre damages

* For more information please visit our T&C page or contact us

Fees, Excess & Fines

- Excess/Deposit is the amount you are liable for in case of damages. The amount of excess depends entirely on the group car you chose

- Upon returning the car, if the tank is not full this will be charged separately 

- If you get fine for any reason during your rental you are responsible to pay this before you leave the island and is not cover by any of our insurance

* For more information please visit our T&C page or contact us

Pickup & Return & Office locations

-  We can provide pickups and returns at both Larnaca and Paphos airports

-  You can pick up or return a car also in Nicosia at a specific location

-  We will try our best to meet your needs if you want a different pick up or return location (extra charges may apply and this will be subject to the company's discretion and staff availability)

-  Our Office is located in the heart of Larnaca

  • Representative of the company will wait for you at the arrival hall of the airport

* For more information please contact us

Speed limits:

  • Highway limit is 100 Kmh

  • Town roads the limits are 30, 50 or 65 Kmh depending on the signs

  • Have in mind that in main roads and traffic lights there are speed limit cameras working 24/7

TAX - Invoice:

  • TAX (VAT) is always included in the price of your rental so you don’t need to worry about it

  • We provide invoice only to companies and we will need all the relevant information to be able to provide one 

* For more information please contact us

Terms and Conditions:

- Visit our T&C page if you have any questions for the rental agreement and charges

- By proceeding with a rental agreement with our company (Cosmos Car Rental) you have read, understood and accepted our T&C

* For more information please contact us